The 2011 Missouri Taxidermy Convention and Competition




Lance Van Dusen

MTA Best of Show
Breakthrough Award - Judges Choice

Best of State
Best of Category - Large Mammals
State Champion - Mammals


State Champions

Lance VanDussen
James Graham
Blake Reiminger

Garland Lessley

Cole Cruickshank

Lance VanDussen



Master's Division

Stephen Dotson
Best of Category-Birds

Cole Cruickshank
Polytranspar Award
Blake Reiminger
Best of Category - Turkeys
McKenzie Award - Birds
NWTF - Masters

Mike Goodman
Best Out of State
Dave Williams
McKenzie Award -Gamehead/WT Whitetails Unlimited - Masters
Walnut Creek Hardwoods

Garland Lessley
Best of Category - Reproductions

James Graham
George Wallace Award
Best of Category - Whitetails
Wasco Award

Devin Amelunke
Best of Category - Small Mammals
Van Dykes Award
Groundhog Challenge Winner

Lance VanDussen
Al Holmes Habitat Award
McKenzie Award - Mammals
MO Conservation Agents - Masters
MO Trappers Association - Masters

Lance VanDussen
Best of Category - Gameheads
Jimmy Lawrence
McKenzie Award - Fish

Dan Hudzik
Best of Category - Reptile/Amphibian/Other
Art Rocks Award



Lance VanDussen
Matuska Competitor's Award




Professional Division

James Wood
People's Choice - Whitetails/GH

Codi Wissman
Best of Category - Lg. Mammals

Barb Boschert
People's Choice - Birds

Craig Sloan
Whitetails Unlimited - Pro

Mickey White
Best of Category - Sm Mammals
Conservation Agents - Pro
Walnut Creek Hardwoods - Pro
MO Trappers Assoc. - Pro
People's Choice - Mammals
Aranda Amelunke
NWTF Award - Pro
Dave Bartlett
Best fo Category - Reproductions
Lifetone Award

James Wood
Matuska Competitor Award
Ron Terry
Best of Category - WT
Manny Saldana
People's Choice - Fish
Dave Bartlett
Best of Category - Turkeys
Best Professional Mount


Amateur Division

Jeff Bailey
MO Trappers - Amateur
Conservation Agents - Amateur
Dan Cummings
Best Amateur Mount
Research Manikins Award

Jeff Gibson
Whitetails Unlimited - Amateur

Anna Mae Amelunke
Paul Schwarz Award
NWTF - Amateur
Walnut Creek Hardwoods
Wailan VanDussen
Youngest Entry - 4yrs.




Congratulations Randy Pike, recipient of the McKenzie Award.



Congratulations Garland and Connie Lessley, recipients of the President's Award.



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